Flat Roof – Ponding Water  – The Shocking truth the Waterproofing manufacturers do not want you to know

In truth over 90% of Flat roofs we have surveyed have ponding water

The industry generally classifies ‘’Ponding Water ‘’ as water that remains on the flat roof for over 48 hours following a rainfall

This roof has been underwater for 3 weeks

The main cause of this is insufficient falls/slopes  to the drains of the roofs allowing water to collect into puddles and they sit leaking into the roof until they eventually evaporate

This is often compounded by very small drain outlets and in some cases, not enough drainage points






Drain hole made even smaller

With bitumen felt


There is no recognised industry standard for ponding water !!

So let’s get this right – the industry recognises Ponding water as water on the roof for more than 48 hours but will not sign up to an industry standard for declaring their products resistance to it

Many manufacturers will not declare any ability to withstand Ponding water for their product



This roof has been underwater for 4 weeks and is now delaminating

No surprise then that virtually all the waterproofing materials used in Cyprus are merely resistant waterproofing which means they will fail after a relatively short period of time if they are subjected to being under water for any prolonged period of time and with our rainfall the roof can be under water for weeks at a time

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