Badly Fitted Thermal Insulation – Part 1

First let`s start with a bit of background information. Our company was the first certified company in Cyprus to fit thermal insulation to both existing houses and new build properties.
For the first few years, we were the only company installing these systems and we have completed 100’s of properties over the last 15 years and all benefitting from solid 10-year and 25-year guarantees.

Unfortunately, for the last few years we have been receiving calls from new clients who have had their ‘’thermal insulation fitted’’ by other companies and are experiencing a significant number of faults, ranging from cracks appearing to the actual boards becoming loose.

Here are some examples of what could have been avoided:

  • Cracking between sills – This is due to incorrect mesh specifications and poor fitting standars

Cracking thermal insulation

  • Cracking at wall junction – The problem occured initially due to incorrect boarding

Cracking thermal insulation

  • Boards cracking above window – We can see the same issue here, incorrect boarding

Cracking thermal insulation

  • Major gap left between wall return – Another example of incorrect fitting

Major gap between thermal insulation

  • Major gap left behind the thermal board and wall – We can see there were no base tracks fitted

Major gap between thermal insulation

Cause and Effect

None of these different systems that were installed, complied with any certified fitting standards. As a result these properties have suffered damp and costly repairs.
A number of clients visited had no idea what system their property had been fitted with and not one had any form of written guarantees or were provided with any form of technical certification.
It is clear, in most cases the ‘’thermal system’’ had been cobbled together and was not in fact a system at all. Even where a ‘’known system’’ had been used, it had been installed by untrained individuals and had also failed.


In worst case scenarios, the boards would need to be stripped and the whole process started again. In best case scenarios, we have been able to seal the property using certified materials and professional installers. Please see some comments from our clients on our Testimonial page.