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WetSuit® system is able to stay under water permanently. Our waterproofing system is a rapid-set, self-adhering and unbreakable membrane. WetSuit® can often be applied directly over an existing or failed membrane, without the need for its costly removal.

The WetSuit® System, developed in the US, is a hard-grade, water-resistant membrane that can be cold-sprayed to any required millimetre thickness and cures in seconds. Rated as probably the most versatile and comprehensive roof waterproofing available today, its simple and rapid application means a superior quality is obtained at a significant cost-saving compared to other systems.

The unique, long-lasting neoprene (non-rubber) membrane can permanently seal all types of uneven and difficult surfaces and can be applied to:

  • concrete
  • wood
  • metal
  • foam
  • single ply membranes
  • asphalt

Additional cost saving

WetSuit® can often be applied directly over an existing or failed membrane – without the need for its costly removal.

We can also use the system in conjunction with traditional methods for bridging and sealing cracks and substrate irregularities, holes, and rebuilding structures. Wetsuit® can be installed at over 40 per cent thicker than most other membranes.

WetSuit® can be applied as a 1 part or 2 part system.

Wetsuit® 1 Part

A water-based, medium viscosity, self-levelling membrane used in roofing, waterproofing and air/vapour barrier applications – and ideal for standing seam metal, aged SPF, wood and concrete.

Primarily used as a stand-alone membrane or as counter-flashing for the 2 part system, Wetsuit® 1 Part can also be sprayed, brushed, or roll applied up to 80 millimetres thick on a vertical surface.

WetSuit® 2 Part

A self-flashing, instant-set liquid membrane which is cold spray applied for virtually all above and below grade applications. Lightweight and with excellent adhesion, surface preparation is generally limited to simple and straightforward pressure washing to provide a clean surface.

Powerful Permanent Safety Properties

Water-Based and Environmentally Friendly

No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) – and therefore, no restrictions on its use. Whereas VOCs are often found in a wide variety of everyday products such as, solvent-based paints/coatings, adhesives, sealants, printing inks and petroleum products, Wetsuit® is completely VOC-free.

1600% Elongation and Full Recovery

Classified as a ‘Monolithic Membrane’, the tough, seamless and fully adhered coating is virtually impossible to puncture.

UV Stable

Unlike other fluid applied membranes, Wetsuit® can be exposed indefinitely without UV damage.

Class A Self-Extinguishing Fire Rating

Wetsuit® is completely safe in case of fire. Wetsuit® is flame and fire resistant.

Class 1-990 Wind Uplift Rating

Roof assembly is rated to withstand extreme uplift pressure and resist severe hail damage.

Cold Resistance

Wetsuit® remains flexible down to -30°F and ideal for locations below the water freeze line.

High heat resistance

Wetsuit® has designed for hot climates and is used extensively in Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Nevada, US.