The majority of the properties in Cyprus are completely lacking any form of Thermal Insulation to the walls and roofs. This then results in the property being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. These uninsulated houses do not provide comfortable living spaces, not to mention the heating and cooling costs rising rapidly.

Furthermore, due to the combination of the climate and poor building standards, many properties are also suffering from ‘’settlement cracks’’. The cracking is getting worse, as the building stresses with the constant seismic movements and other climate challenges. Rain penetrates inside the walls and then damp appears. In worst case scenarios, we are seeing structural concrete pillars with rusting iron rebar supports gradually deteriorating and affecting the structural strength of the property.

One of the most effective ways to protect is to Thermally Insulate your home, and to use External Thermal Wall Insulation. Whereby the property is effectively wrapped with an outer shell. The finished topcoat is an Acrylic Render that is coloured, and which not only protects the house, but it also gives a refreshed look too. The Acrylic Render we are using is hydrophobic, has high elasticity and breathability with over 300 colour choices available. The best systems not only Thermally Insulate the property but stop cracking and eliminate damp.

It may surprise you to know, before 1928 many houses in the UK were built with solid single skin walls. External Thermal Wall Insulation has been used in the UK for generations, although the system here is a little different to suit the climate of Cyprus. Developers in the UK have been turning away from cavities for some time, as they are not as effective as solid wall insulation and during construction it is more expensive to build cavities.

We now have certificated thermal systems available here in Cyprus, but not all companies/tradesman are certified to install these systems. It must be fitted by certified installers, otherwise your property can face even more problems than before. You can see our previous blog posts below regarding this subject.

We, at the Renovation Group have over 40 years` experience working with Exterior Thermal Wall Systems and 15 years solely in Cyprus. The External Thermal Wall Insulation Systems fitted by our teams are benefitting from solid 10-year Anti Cracking and 25-year Thermal Adhesion guarantees. See below some of the properties, we have thermally insulated over the years.

Stay warm in the winter

Kissonerga, 2012

External Wall Insulation & Ceiling insulation in Peyia

Peyia, 2016

External Wall Insulation & Ceiling insulation in Anarita