Condensation issues

Condensation affects a large number of properties. Often due to the combination of an increase in water vapour production brought by modern lifestyles, while at the same time a reduction in ventilation, as doors and windows are draught proofed and chimney flues sealed. The result can be unhealthy and unsightly mould growth on cold surfaces in poorly ventilated areas.

Passive ventilation system

Ultrovent® units are passive ventilation units, designed to allow water vapour to escape from a building in a controlled way, thereby reducing the problem of condensation and mould. An innovative triple-action filter promotes the escape of damp air with minimal heat loss. Cold draughts are restricted by a specially designed thermal core within the filter. The filter can be easily cleaned or replaced. It is recommended to clean the filter with a damp cloth and replace it every 2 years. Ultrovent® is designed to ventilate bedrooms and living rooms, where the constant background ventilation allows water vapour to escape. Mechanical ventilation should be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

The Ultrovent®  125mm core drill and Ultrovent® Pro 105mm core drill are passive ventilation units. Its unique triple action filter promotes the escape of damp air with minimal heat loss and noise transmission.  At the centre of the Ultrovent® filter is a thermal core that promotes the movement of damp air out of the property, and cold draughts are restricted by this specially designed filter. The Ultrovent® Pro dissipates up to 1 litre of water vapour /day, it also includes moulded high rise cowl and optional grill. Whereas the Ultrovent®  125mm core drill dissipates up to 1.2 litre of water vapour /day, however the high rise cowl is no longer included with the Ultrovent®  125mm core drill vent.


  • Silent in operation
  • Fights condensation
  • Reduces cold draughts
  • Reduces noise transmission
  • No running cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be installed from inside only making it ideal for high-rise installation’
  • Filter easily removes for cleaning/replacing
  • Diffuses up to 1.2 litres of water vapour /day