The Renovations Group was launched in 2008 and grew out of our manufacturing business which has been around for over 35 years in Paphos. We have many satisfied clients and many of which we are glad to return to for additional projects.

All our clients are requested to fill out a satisfaction survey once our project is completed. We are constantly striving to provide an excellent service, which is key for our company and to give an even better experience we are always collecting feedback from our clients on how we performed.
In our survey, we require our clients to rate how fulfilling was the communication during the project between our team members, if the property was safe during the works, as most of our clients are living at the property while the works are ongoing. Moreover, we collect data on the quality of the finished project. Take a good look at some of the comments from our valued customers.

“Everything has now been finished and the house looks great. The last couple of nights have been chilly, but I have not used the central heating nor used the log burner so the thermal insulation seems to be doing its job. There have been no leaks, so far so the Wetsuit is also working. So far, so good.”

Neil (Thermal Wall Insulation and Waterproofing, Letymbou) – September, 2019

“Thanks to all involved who provided some excellent ideas for designing our dream kitchen. It is a total transformation and we are both very very pleased. Best Regards Terri and Dave”

David & Terri Williams(New Kitchen ,Peyia) – January, 2019

“The Renovate team have been exceptional. The external render on our flat was cracking, in a poor state of repair and was very unsightly. The team arrived, did their stuff (sorry no technical knowledge here) and produced excellent results. Not only from a visible perspective but from an insulation point too. The flat is much warmer in these cold weeks. From the outset of Paul visiting and surveying the site, to Charles, George and the guys working their magic with the installation to the after care service of Tina, Penny and the girls providing that essential link – we can say that Renovate has been outstanding. We’d certainly recommend them to anyone. They do what it says on the tin, they Renovate to the standards you would expect in the UK. That’s why we’ve used this company since 2014 for all our renovation projects in Cyprus, including a kitchen installation, bedroom installation, flat roof sealing, internal and external stone sealing in our village house in the hills. Speak to the team, get a quote but meet them in person and ask them to show case their work – you won’t be disappointed.”

David & Terri Williams (New Kitchen, Peyia) – January, 2019

“Definitely Money Well Spent’ We spent 5 weeks over Christmas and New Year in our bungalow in Anarita and are absolutely delighted with the effect of the newly installed insulation. If you are considering insulating your property, you may like to know why we arrived at the decision to insulate and whether it was worth doing. We bought our pre owned 4 bedroom bungalow in Anarita at the end of 2015 and spent a week in December clearing and cleaning it. The weather didn’t get above 15 degrees C during the day and the bungalow was colder inside than outside, without a proper heating system. This is a common complaint in Cyprus. We didn’t stay overnight on that trip! Our first decision was to install an 8kwh log burning stove. This was fitted in March 2016 and produces a lot of heat and is a joy to watch. Whilst sitting by the fire was comfortable, our lounge diner and kitchen is very large and the fire creates cold drafts. The bedrooms and bathrooms were still cold. Our second decision was to investigate combining wall insulation with a central heating system. We approached several local builders who would offer to install insulation but did not inspire confidence. In fact we felt they were going to practise on our bungalow. Renovation Group provided in depth technical expertise and a proven insulation/waterproofing system supplied by a well known international chemical and building products manufacturer. This system provides a final waterproof and decorative acrylic Graffiato finish. Our bungalow had 20 years worth of layers of peeling paint which would have cost a lot of money to prepare and repaint every few years. We decided to insulate the outside of all external walls and the roof and this work was completed in March 2018. Although we couldn’t experience the heat retention effect through the summer, we did notice that the bungalow remained cooler. The external finish has also transformed the external appearance and done away with the need to repaint. Although Renovation Group couldn’t help with central heating, they needed to be involved. Unless your property has provision (water pipes in the walls) for central heating, pipework is installed on the outside of the walls. This means that pipework must be installed before the insulation panels. As a matter of interest we costed a gas boiler and hot water radiator central heating system against a photovoltaic panel electricity generating system together with modern economic electric panel radiators in each room. The PV system was cheaper and was installed in May 2018. We arrived on 12th December 2018. There had been some rain but the weather was good, up to 20 degrees C during the day and 12 to 15 overnight. When the sun set we lit the log fire and turned on the radiators. Overkill! After 3 hours the ‘cool’ end of our lounge/diner was 26 degrees. Much too hot and we turned off the heating for the rest of the night. In the morning it was 21 degrees in the lounge and 13 degrees outside. We didn’t light the log fire again, using only the radiators, until Christmas night when we lit it for appearance. The lounge stayed at around 21 degrees during the day and 22 – 23 in the evening. The weather changed on Christmas day with monsoon rain and a drop in temperature. It was mainly no warmer than 15 degrees during most days. The coldest day was 7.5 degrees, when we had hail and most overnights were 10 degrees or lower. After the coldest night our lounge was still 19 degrees in the morning, always having turned off the heat an hour before bed. On a couple of occasions we did turn on the heat during the afternoon. One morning I spoke to Charles (Installations Manager at Renovation Group) and remarked that I had showered that morning and had been walking around in underwear. He said he was bl***y freezing! Definitely not something we could have done last winter and definitely money well spent. We left Anarita to return to UK on 19th January 2019, so with 5 weeks experience we can definitely recommend insulating your property and can highly recommend Charles and the Renovations Group team. Brett & Janet Gardner Anarita Jan 2019”

Brett & Janet Gardner(Thermal Insulation, Anarita)- April, 2018

“Grateful thanks to Paul and his team at the Renovation Group in Paphos for the excellent standard of workmanship and good advice received. My poor outdated kitchen now looks amazing following a lot of thought and good advice. Lovely new granite worktops and splash backs, extending the original size and a new built in storage area. New brushed stainless steel electrical points inset to splash backs have created a new dimension – all long overdue! How different from the standard of service usually experienced locally, Wonderful to have such a professional, trustworthy company for whom nothing is too much trouble… Very flexible and accommodating. We would highly recommend The Renovation Group to anyone who values good, reliable, professional service. Well done.”

Heather and Bob (Kitchen in Koili, Paphos) – January, 2016

“We were absolutely delighted with the professionalism & workmanship provided by Renovate when we used them for the Kitchen & Bedroom upgrade of our Apartment. We look forward with confidence to engaging them shortly to upgrade our Bathroom as well. We would recommend them highly to any prospective Client.”

Martin and Erica (Kitchen & Bedroom, Kato Paphos) – November, 2015

“Renovation Group have undertaken extensive work on our property on three occasions in the past two years. Paul has provided detailed quotations and he never rushes the planning process. In addition Renovate are always willing, where possible to incorporate the extra jobs that we have asked of them which can arise when major works are undertaken. The staff are extremely helpful and always make sure that the property is clean & tidy when they have completed the work. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to prospective customers.”

Howard and Shirley (Property in Anogyra) – 2014-2015

“Having looked at a few options open to us, we decided to let this Company replace 2 roofs by Naggis and his team and Paul’s team headed up by Charles, to insulate both properties. Paul (MD) was very helpful and explained everything that would be done. After 6 weeks the works have been completed to our entire satisfaction, even down to the right colour of the walls and eaves. Very professional teams even down to the Air Con team – well done. Compliments to not come lightly from us but this is well deserved.”

Sue Hollister (Insulation in Anavargos) – June, 2015

“Fantastic job on our house. a brilliant team we now have a warm house in winter and a much cooler house in summer. The external finish is the best around.”

Colin Dawson (Insulation in Peyia) – March, 2014

“The team for our extension were top class. At the same time we decided to insulate the house and the results are already apparent. Living here for nearly 9 years, we had come across some companies offering damp proof solutions, special paint work etc. like most expats, we believe them and spend 1000s in the past with negative results. At last, we have come across a reputable, professional company that deliver on time and to a very high standard. Many thanks Paul,Charles and the team.”

David and Patricia (Insulation in Peyia) – May, 2013

“The Kitchen Renovation team were excellent. They were punctual, worked as a team, and all the relevant trades turned up when required! No waiting about! Thus, everything proceeded smoothly, speedily and the quality of the workmanship is faultless. They liaised with us every step of the way, and made sure we ended up with what we wanted. They came back the day after finishing to check everything and that we were happy, and we only have to call in the future if any doors drop or drawers don’t close and they will attend. Such a relief to know in the present climate that there is a firm out there who value customer service! We can’t say how pleased we are with our new kitchen and the standard of work. Also the men were polite and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Wonderful firm!”

S Munton (Tremithousa) – February 2014

“It looks absolutely amazing, it also makes it look bigger and much brighter. Also many thanks for the extra bits and pieces that you have not charged me for.”

Susan Hurdon (Property in Pissouri) – January, 2013


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