External, Internal walls, Ceiling and Roof Thermal Insulation systems

We offer fully certified Thermal Insulation Systems which are professionally fitted, specialising in a complete building works service. We provide External Wall, Internal Wall, Ceiling, and Roof Insulation to make your home warmer and more energy efficient.

With thermal insulation, you save energy by consuming less fuel for heating during winter and less electrical power for air-conditioning during summer. Thus, since the energy cost is significantly reduced, the money invested in the thermal installation is paid off to a great extent from the very first years of the systems’ operation. Our Thermal Insulation System contributes to the protection of the environment, as they drastically reduce air pollution, which is caused by the fuel used for a building’s heating or cooling. More specifically, they contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides, that are responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Thermal Insulation System eliminates thermal bridges. This way, the building remains thermally protected and ensures an almost stable room temperature during all seasons. Therefore, you enjoy thermal comfort in your living space all year long.

Thermal Insulation systems constitute a great solution for the Renovation of old constructions. Buildings acquire a new, beautifully decorated facade thanks to the coloured, high-quality, pasty renders, which are available in a wide range of color shades. At the same time, the facade becomes weather-resistant and waterproof, while being vapor-permeable.

Condensation is caused by the temperature difference between the external and internal surfaces of the walls and windows of your home. Thermal insulation helps to reduce the risk of condensation and dampness of walls. Mould growth in domestic houses is also connected with the air temperature and the percentage of humidity inside the house. By providing more insulation to your home the surface temperature of your walls will be higher preventing the risk of mould growth. Mould growth not only deteriorates your house’s condition but is also connected with indoor air quality and health being.

Our Anti-cracking system protects against cracking and it creates a vapour permeable water resistive surface. This is the stage that continues to allow the house walls to breath, whilst eliminating small cracks and surface damages caused by the movement of the property during the seasons and other acts of nature.

Solid Wall Insulation

We are the original specialists of Solid Wall Thermal Insulation in Cyprus with certified/trained fitters. Your existing solid wall property can be properly, thermally insulated to a high standard. Our system not only insulates but protects your building from the environmental elements. The finish is with a certified acrylic plaster in a range of over 300 colours.

We have all systems available, 30mm, 50mm, 80mm or 100mm thermal systems along with an anti-cracking system for your external walls. We envelope seal your property to maximise heat insulation during cold, winter months and keep the house cooler in hot Cyprus summer months.

Our company provides 25-year Thermal Boards Adhesion Guarantee and 10-year Anti-cracking Guarantee with our External Thermal Wall Insulation Systems.

Interior Wall Thermal Insulation

We offer many types of Interior Thermal Wall Insulation and this includes Internal Wall Systems.

Roof Thermal Insulation

We offer Thermal Roof Insulation Systems for existing or newly built properties and for all types of roofs. Using 100mm Thermal Tiles, which consists of 80mm is extruded Polystyrene and 20mm is white reflective cement mortar.

Ceiling Insulation

There are different systems available for Ceilings including directly applied systems and also suspended ceilings.

Thermal Insulation

Island Wide Fitting

We operate island wide for customers convenience. We have completed works in all districts of Cyprus during our 15 years operation. Our company prides itself on its professionalism and we have fitted more properties with this system than any other company in Cyprus.

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