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Condensation Cure? Ultrovents!

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The ultrovent® is the ultimate in controlled passive ventilation. Its unique triple action filter (patent pending) reduces condensation, noise transmission and heat loss through the ventilation duct. At the heart of the ultrovent® filter is a thermal core that promotes the movement of damp air out of the property.

Ultrovent offer a range of passive ventilation units designed to allow water vapour to escape from a building in a controlled way. The patent pending triple action filter promotes the escape of damp air with minimal heat loss. Cold draughts are restricted by a specially designed thermal core within the filter. The Ultrovent Air Brick cavity liner is constructed from High Impact Polystyrene (HIP) to reduce cold bridging and provide increased strength and resistance to distortion. Ultrovent extension kits are available to suit all wall thicknesses.

Condensation affects a large number of older properties due to the increase in water production brought about by modern lifestyles. At the same time, doors and windows are draught proofed and chimney flues sealed. The result can be unhealthy mould growth on cold surfaces and in poorly ventilated areas.

Ultrovent is designed to ventilate bedrooms and living rooms where the constant background ventilation it provides allows water vapour to escape. One air brick ventilator is usually sufficient for a single room of up to 20m2 floor area, alternatively two core drill ventilators can be installed. Each unit is supplied with positioning and installation instructions. For kitchens and bathrooms where water production is likely to be more spontaneous, mechanical ventilation should be used.


Thermal Paint ? Scam !

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A number of recent calls recieved recently regarding the use of Thermal Paint !

Unfortunately this is a marketing tactic employed by less than reputable companies to sell what is in effect – PAINT

Usually sold as a ” Special Coating ” at an outrageous price it really does not work

It has no declared Lambda value and will not meet any approved U Value regulation

Quite frankly its a SCAM !!