We’ve been working up on a great project up in Polemi, Paphos during December. We are installing an aftermarket external installation, and with our 7 trained fitters on site, we completed the fibreflex of the villa in one day !

Fibreflex is the second stage of our EWS (external wall insulation) system, which is applied onto the actual insulation boards (stage 1 : blue in the images) to protect against cracking and creating a vapour permeable water resistive surface. This is the stage that continues to allow the house walls to breath, stops the rain, whilst eliminating small cracks and surface damages caused by the movement of the property during the seasons and other acts of nature.

What is Fibreflex ?

Fibreflex is an alkali resistant fibreglass mesh, hand applied into position with a hydrophobic polymer fibre render. It is highly water repellent and eliminates cracking, providing the ideal substrate for the final appropriately coloured acrylic plaster as chosen by the client.

What About Windows ?

We have solutions to provide a seemless finish around the window reveal, and any existing window or doors.

Here we have Fibreflexed around an existing window, merging the newly fixed insulation boards with the existing reveal and window sill whilst continuing to allow the window sill to drain surface water away from the home.

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